she gathers

“She Gathers” is for those women out there who are seeking information, resources, or encouragement pertaining to the topics of, “What should I eat?”, “Why should I eat it?”, and “Where do I get it?” These posts are pieces of knowledge I’ve picked up over past years of searching for food that is good for my body. Listening to TV commercials, and shopping only in supermarkets, has not provided me with answers. I’m finding it sometimes takes being, “like a merchant ship who brings her food from afar”, as it is written in Proverbs 31:14. Hence the title, “She Gathers”.

Many have come to a point where there is a desire to change eating habits, for reasons such as illness, allergy, or just plain energy. My hope is that this can be a resource, a stepping stone of sorts, in your own journey in gaining knowledge of food. •


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