green smoothie

Don’t worry if this looks unappetizing to you, that is a natural first time response! I can say by experience though, that if you give these a chance, they just might lure you into a long-lasting, and rewarding relationship! The benefits? Energy, clarity, weight loss, brighter eyes, and those are just the benefits I’ve seen first hand.

First timers: Start with more fruit and less greens, until you are convinced these are not as bad as they seem.

The below recipe is what I put in this smoothie, which tasted delicious by the way! Fruit way overpowers the greens.

Large Batch of Green Smoothie
4-5 cups of water
2 apples, chopped slightly
2 bananas
2 dates
6 leaves of collard greens
6 leaves of red swiss chard
two chunks of green cabbage
3 slices of orange I had in my fridge-leftover from kid’s lunchbox
1/8 lemon with rind
two tablespoons flax seed oil
handful of of ice

Other successful smoothie ingredients:
Lettuce, kale, grapes, figs, honey, beets and their greens, pomegranate, carrots, celery, parsely… the list goes on. I’d love to hear what your favorites are!